G3VM-2F Datasheet PDF – Relay ( 350V, 1 Form A ) – Omron

Part Number: G3VM-2F

Function: MOSFET Relay (  Current-limiting Models with 350-V Load Voltage. )

Package: DIP 4 Pin Type

Manufacturer: OMRON Corporation

Imag and Pinouts:

G3VM-2F datasheet



This is 350V, 1 Form A, SPST-NO, MOSFET Relay.


1. Output voltage of 350 ~ 400 V

2. High-dielectric, 5000 VAC version available

3. Available in PCB through-hole, SMT gullwing, and SOP terminal packages

4. Ideal for Telecom and Data Communications

5. Current limiting option also available

Maximum Ratings

G3VM-2F omron

Other data sheets are available within the file: G3VM-2FL, G3VM-2L, G3VM-6F, G3VM-3F

G3VM-2F Datasheet PDF Download

G3VM-2F pdf

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