G781 Datasheet PDF – Remote and Local Temperature Sensor

Part Number: G781

Function: Remote and Local Temperature Sensor

Package: SOP 8 Pin, TDFN3X3-8 Type

Manufacturer: Global Mixed-mode Technology

Image and Pinouts:

G781 datasheet


The G781 is a precise digital thermometer that reports the temperature of both a remote sensor and its own package. The remote sensor is a diode-connected transistor typically a low-cost, easily mounted 2N3904 NPN type that replace conventional thermistors or thermo couples.

Remote accuracy is ±1°C with no calibration needed. It also has a build-in noise filtering function in remote sensor measuring the diode temperature. The remote channel can also measure the die temperature of other ICs, such as microprocessors, that contain an on-chip, diode-connected transistor.

Application Circuit



1. Two Channels: Measures Both Remote and Local Temperatures

2. No Calibration Required

3. Built-in Noise-Buster for Remote Sensor

4. SMBus 2-Wire Serial Interface

5. Programmable Under/Overtemperature Alarms

6. Supports SMBus Alert Response


1. Desktop and Notebook

2. Central Office

3. Computers

4. Telecom Equipment

5. Smart Battery Packs

6. Test and Measurement

7. LAN Servers

8. Multi-Chip Modules

9. Industrial Controllers

Other data sheets are available within the file: G781F

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