G901AS-DC24-NIL2 Datasheet PDF – DC24V, Relay

Part Number: G901AS-DC24-NIL2

Function: Relay. Coil voltage 24 VDC.

Package: PCB w/Top QC Type

Manufacturer: Global Components and Controls 


G901AS-DC24-NIL2 datasheet


This is DC 24V, Relay.

1. Switching capacity up to 30A, 240VAC in miniature construction
2. Various contact arrangements, Meets UL508 and UL873 spacing requirements
3. Available with open, dust cover and sealed versions
4. Available with UL Class B and Class F insulation materials


1. Operate Time : 15 ms, max.
2. Release Time : 10 ms, max.
3. Insulation Resistance : 1000MW, min. at 500VDC, 50% RH
4. Shock Resistance : 10g, 11ms, functional; 100g, destructive
5. Vibration Resistance : DA 1.5mm, 10-55Hz, functional
6. Power Consumption : 1W, approx.
7. Weight : 33g approx


1. Power switching
2. Heating, refrigeration, ventilation
3. Air conditioning
4. Automotive
5. Home appliances

Other data sheets are available within the file: G901AS-DC24-NIL2, G901CS-DC18-12

G901AS-DC24-NIL2 Datasheet PDF Download

G901AS-DC24-NIL2 pdf


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