GC1500 Datasheet PDF – 30V, 0.8pF, Junction Varactor Diode

Part Number: GC1500

Function: Tuning Varactor, 30 VOLT,  Abrupt Junction Varactor Diode

Package: Chip type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation


GC1500 datasheet


The GC1500 series varactors are silicon abrupt junction devices. They offer the highest Q and lowest series resistance available in a 30 Volt silicon varactor. The GC1500 series varactors are used for narrow to moderate band width tuning. They are available in values appropriate for VHF through KU band frequencies. These devices are best used in low phase noise voltage controlled oscillators, low loss voltage variable filters and phase shifters.

Maximum ratings

1. Minimum Voltage Breakdown : 30 V at 10µA
2. Maximum Leakage Current at :
(1) 25 V and 25ºC 0.02 µA
(2) 25 V and 125ºC 2.00 µA
3. Capacitance-Temp. Coefficient : 300 ppm/ºC at VR=-4V
4. Operating Temperature : -55ºC to +150ºC
5. Storage Temperature : -65ºC to +200ºC


1. Highest Q
2. Lowest Rs
4. Large selection of capacitance values to chose from
5. Low phase noise


1. VHF to Ku Band Tuning
2. VVF ( Voltage Variable Filters )
3. Phase Shifters

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