GTN01-12 Datasheet – 1200V, Power Thyristor – Fuji Electric

Part Number: GTN01-12, GTN01-13

Function : 1200V Power Thyristor

Package: Lead type

Manufacturer: Fuji Electric ( )


GTN01-12 Thyristor


Fuji Electric in now manufacturing power thyristors with repetitive peak forward voltage of up 2500V and mean forward currents fo up to 400 amp. These thyristors are serving in a wide variety of industrial applications. This article will describe the construction and characteristics of these thyristors, as well as the construction of thyristor assemblies and protection systems.

Ratings and characteristics

GTN01-12 datasheet fuji

Junction Design

Appropriate junction desing is very important in high voltage/high current thyristors made from silicon wafers of limited diameters.

GTN01-12 Datasheet

GTN01-12 pdf


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