XTL571300 Datasheet – Quartz Crystal Oscillator – SIWARD

Part Number: XTL571300, SX-3225

Function: Quartz Crystal Oscillator ( XTL571300-E135-024, CRYSTAL 25MHZ )

Package: Lead type

Manufacturer: SIWARD Crystal Technology  ( http://www.siward.com.tw/ )


XTL571300 crystal Oscillator

Applications: Mobile Communication / Bluetooth / Wireless LAN


1. Ultra thin
2. Ceramic SMD Package
3. Vacuum Seam Sealed
4. Tight Tolerance and Stability
5. Reow Soldering / Emboss Taping
6. Compliant products with AEC-Q200


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XTL571300 Datasheet

XTL571300 pdf


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