GWM100-01X1 Datasheet PDF – N-Ch, 100V, 90A, MOSFET

Part Number: GWM100-01X1

Function: 100V, 90A, Three phase full Bridge MOSFET


Image and Pinouts:

GWM100-01X1 datasheet



This is Three phase full Bridge with Trench MOSFET.


•  MOSFETs in trench technology :

1. low R DSon
2. optimized intrinsic reverse diode

•  package :

1. high level of integration
2. high current capability 300 A max.
3. aux. terminals for MOSFET control
4. terminals for soldering or welding connections
5. isolated DCB ceramic base plate with optimized heat transfer

• Space and weight savings


AC drives

• in automobiles

1. electric power steering
2. starter generator

• in industrial vehicles

1. propulsion drives
2. fork lift drives

• in battery supplied equipment

Other data sheets are available within the file:

GWM100-01X1SL, GWM10001X1-SL, GWM10001X1SL


GWM100-01X1 Datasheet PDF Download

GWM100-01X1 pdf