H5DU2562GFR Datasheet – 256Mb, DDR SDRAM ( PDF )

Part Number: H5DU2562GFR

Function: 256Mb, CMOS Double Data Rate(DDR) Synchronous DRAM

Package: 60 Ball FBGA Type

Image and Manufacturer: SK HYNIX

Image and Pinouts:

H5DU2562GFR datasheet


The H5DU2562GFR is a 268,435,456-bit CMOS Double Data Rate(DDR) Synchronous DRAM, ideally suited for the main memory applications which requires large memory density and high bandwidth. This Hynix 256Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchronous operations referenced to both rising and falling edges of the


1. VDD, VDDQ = 2.5V +/- 0.2V

2. All inputs and outputs are compatible with SSTL_2 interface

3. Fully differential clock inputs (CK, /CK) operation

4. Double data rate interface

5. Source synchronous – data transaction aligned to bidirectional data strobe (DQS)

6. x16 device has two bytewide data strobes (UDQS, LDQS) per each x8 I/O

7. Data outputs on DQS edges when read (edged DQ) Data inputs on DQS centers when write (centered DQ)

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