H9TQ17ABJTMC Datasheet PDF – 16GB, Flash Memory

Part Number: H9TQ17ABJTMC

Function: 16GB eNAND(x8) Flash / 16Gb (x32) LPDDR3

Package:  221Ball FBGA Type

Manufacturer: SK hynix


H9TQ17ABJTMC datasheet memory


This is 16GB, NAND Flash Memory.

SK hynix e-NAND consists of NAND flash and MMC controller. e-NAND has the built-in intelligent controller which manages interface protocols, wear leveling, bad block management, garbage collection, and ECC. e-NAND protects the data contents from the host sudden power off failure. e-NAND is compatible with JEDEC standard eMMC5.0 specification.


1. e-NAND

(1) eMMC5.0 compatible (Backward compatible to eMMC4.5)
(2) Bus mode
– Data bus width : 1 bit(default), 4 bits, 8 bits
– Data transfer rate: up to 400MB/s (HS400)
– MMC I/F Clock frequency : 0~200MHz
– MMC I/F Boot frequency : 0~52MHz


(1) VDD1 = 1.8V (1.7V to 1.95V)
(2) VDD2, VDDCA and VDDQ = 1.2V (1.14V to 1.30)
(3) HSUL_12 interface (High Speed Unterminated Logic 1.2V)

Ordering Information

H9TQ17ABJTMC order information

Other data sheets are available within the file: H9TQ17ABJTMCUR, H9TQ17ABJTMCUR-KUM

H9TQ17ABJTMC Datasheet


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