HA1137W PDF Datasheet – FM IF System

An FM IF (Intermediate Frequency) System is a key component in FM (Frequency Modulation) radio receivers. It plays a crucial role in processing the incoming radio frequency signals to extract the audio information while rejecting unwanted noise and interference.

The Part Number is HA1137W.

The function of this semiconductor is FM IF System.

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Hitachi

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The Hitachi HA1137W is a monolithic integrated circuit developed for the FM IF system in a Hi-Fi stereo tuner set. It includes all those functions necessary for a FM IF housed in a 16-lead, dual-in-line plastic package. The block diagram shows that the input signal is fed to a three-stage FM IF amplifier/limiter configuration and to a three-stage detector for a tuning meter driver.


1. Exceptional Input Limiting Sensitivity

2. High AM Rejection Ratio

3. Low Harmonic Distorition

4. High Recovered AF Voltage

HA1137W datasheet hitachi

The FM IF system is designed to improve the signal quality, selectivity, and sensitivity of the radio receiver. By converting the RF signal to a lower intermediate frequency, the subsequent processing becomes more manageable, and the receiver can better reject unwanted signals and noise. This system is a critical part of the overall FM radio receiver architecture, ensuring that listeners receive clear and high-quality audio from the radio station of their choice.


1. IF Amplifier

2. Quadrature Detector

3. Low-noise AF Preamplifier

4. Tuning Meter Circuit

5. Delayed AGC circuit for tuner front end

HA1137W Datasheet

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