HC80UW PDF Datasheet – Resistance Weld Quartz Crystal

A quartz crystal is a type of piezoelectric crystal that exhibits a precise and predictable oscillating behavior when subjected to an electrical voltage. This unique property makes quartz crystals extremely valuable in various electronic applications, including timekeeping, frequency generation, and signal stabilization.

Part Number: HC80UW

Function: Resistance Weld Quartz Crystal

Manufacturer: Fox Electronics

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The HC80UW Quartz Crystal is a miniature resistance welded package that provides for an excellent hermetic seal and frequency aging. This high quality crystal offers a smaller footprint in a wide frequency range.

1. Frequency Stability: Quartz crystals are known for their exceptional frequency stability. When properly cut and manufactured, they can maintain a very stable frequency over time and temperature changes. This stability makes them ideal for accurate timekeeping in watches, clocks, and electronic devices.

2. Oscillation and Timing: Quartz crystals are commonly used in electronic oscillators to generate precise and stable clock signals. These oscillators provide the timing reference for microprocessors, communication systems, and digital circuits.


• High Frequency Range

• Fundamental to 50 MHz

• Resistance Weld

Options :

• Tolerances to < 5 PPM

• Stabilities to < 3 PPM

• Temperatures to -40ºC ~ -85ºC

• SMD Gullwing (HC80UW)


1. Frequency Range : 3.579545 ~ 200.000 MHz



HC80UW Datasheet

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