HD1131R Datasheet PDF – Red Color, Seven Segment Display

Part Number: HD1131R

Function: Red Color, Seven Segment Display 13mm(0.59″)

Manufacturer: Siemens AG

Image and Pinouts:

HD1131R datasheet



The HD1131R seven-segment display is an electronic display device used to display decimal numerals, most often as an alternative to the more complex dot-matrix displays. It is composed of seven segments (LEDs or LCDs), each of which can be lit or turned off independently to represent the decimal digits 0 to 9. The seven segments are arranged in the shape of the number 8, and are often referred to as “segments.” Seven-segment displays are widely used in digital clocks, electronic meters, and calculators, among other devices.


1. Excellent readability by ambient light

2. Excellent character appearance

3. Evenly lighted segments

4. Mitred corners on segments

5. Right hand decimal.

Other data sheets are available within the file:

HD1131G, HD1131O, HD1133G, HD1133O


HD1131R Datasheet PDF Download

HD1131R pdf

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