HD2001 PDF Datasheet – 800MHz 4Way Power Divider

A power divider, also known as a power splitter, is an electronic device used in radio frequency (RF) and microwave systems to divide an input signal power into multiple output ports. It is a passive component that evenly distributes the power from the input signal among the output ports with minimal signal loss.

Power dividers are commonly used in various applications, including telecommunications, wireless communication systems, radar systems, and test and measurement equipment. They enable the simultaneous transmission or distribution of a signal to multiple devices or subsystems.

Part Number: HD2001

Function: 800MHz 4Way Power Divider

Manufacturer: HBH ( HBH Microwave )

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This is 800MHz – 2.5 GHz 4 Way Power Divider HBH. The HD2001 is an 1:4 power divider.The divider covers the frequency range from 800MHz to 2.5GHz.

Electrical Performance :

Typical Data @25 °C Parameter Frequency Insertion Loss Isolation Amplitude Unbalance Phase Unbalance VSWR Input VSWR Output Input Power Max Load VSWR 1.2:1 2.0:1 Operating Temperature Connector Input Connectors Output Size -40 SMA-f Coax Cable (200mm), HIROSE 130 x 65 x 15.5 (mounting included) mm 30 5 +85 °C W 22 0.3 6 1.4:1 1.4:1 Min 0.8 0.8 (1.4) Typ Max 2.5 Units GHz dB (incl. Cable) dB dB deg Data are specified with all ports terminated 50 Ohms. Rev. 1.0 HBH Microwave GmbH, Helmholtzstr 9, 76297 Stutensee, Germany Phone +49-7244-6098490 Internet: http://www.hbhmw.com Fax +49-7244-6098489 Email: info@hbhmw.com Date: 23/04/2004 […]


HD2001 PDF Datasheet

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