HD63A01Y0 Datasheet PDF – CMOS 8-bit Microcomputer

Part Number: HD63A01Y0

Function: CMOS microcomputer, 16K ROM, 256 RAM, 1.5MHz

Package: PLCC 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics


HD63A01Y0 datasheet



The HD6301Y0 is a CMOS 8-bit single-chip microcomputer unit which contains a CPU compatible with the CMOS 8-bit microcomputer HD6301V, 16k bytes of ROM, 256 bytes of RAM, 53 parallel I/O pins, Serial Communication Interface(SCI) and two timers.

Block Diagram :



1. Instruction set compatible with the HD6301V1

2. 16k Bytes of ROM, 256 Bytes Of RAM

3. Parallel Handshake Interface ( Port 6 )


HD63A01Y0 Datasheet PDF Download

HD63A01Y0 pdf

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