M301N2F8FP PDF Datasheet – 16-BIT CMOS Microcomputer

Part Number: M301N2F8FP

Function: 16-Bit CMOS Microcomputer

Package: 48 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Renesas


M301N2F8FP pdf datasheet


The M301N2F8FP group consists of single-chip microcomputers that use high-performance silicon gate CMOS processes and have a on-chip M16C/60 series CPU core.

The microcomputers are housed in 48-pin plastic mold QFP package. These single-chip microcomputers have both high function instructions and high instruction efficiency and feature a one-megabyte address space and the capability to execute instructions at high speed.

A 16-bit CMOS microcomputer is a type of microcontroller or microprocessor that operates on 16-bit data and instruction words. This means that it can process and manipulate data in 16-bit chunks, which allows it to handle larger data sizes and perform more complex operations compared to 8-bit microcomputers.

Performance overview :

1. Number of basic instructions : 91 instructions

2. Shortest instruction execution time : 62.5 ns (when f(XIN)=16MHz)

3. D/A converter : 8 bits x 1

4. CAN controller : 1 channel, 2.0B active

5. Watchdog timer : 15 bits x 1 (with prescaler)


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M301N2F8FP microcomputer


1. Automotive and industrial control systems, other automobile

M301N2F8FP Datasheet PDF

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M30245 PDF Datasheet – 16-bit Microcomputer

Part Number: M30245


Package: QFP 100-Pin Type

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


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M30245 pdf pinout


The M30245 group is a 16-bit microcomputer based on the M16C family core technology that uses the high performance silicon gate CMOS process with an M16C/62 Series CPU core, and is packaged in a 100-pin, molded plastic QFP. They are single-chip USB peripheral microcontrollers meeting the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Version 1.1 specification. These microcontrollers operate using sophisticated instructions featuring a high level of instruction efficiency, making them capable of executing instructions at high speed.

A 16-bit microcomputer is a type of microprocessor-based system where the central processing unit (CPU) is capable of processing data in 16-bit chunks at a time. This means that the CPU can handle data and perform arithmetic and logical operations on 16-bit data words in a single clock cycle.


• Number of instructions : 91

• Shortest instruction execution time : 83ns f(XIN)=12MHz, Vcc=3V with no wait

• Frequency Synthesizer : PLL for 48MHz clock

• Supply Voltage : 3.0 to 3.6V (f(XIN)=12MHz)
• 7 levels (including key input interrupt X 8)

• Multifunction 16-bit timer : 5 output timers+ 3 input timers

• DMAC : 4 channels

• A-D Converter : 10 bits X 8 channels

• CRC calculation circuit : 2 circuits with MSB/LSB selectable

• Watchdog timer : 1 line

• Key-on Wake up : 8 inputs

• Programmable I/O : 84 lines (TBD)

• Clock-generating circuit : 2 built-in clock generation circuit

Block Diagram

M30245 datasheet microcomputer


1. USB peripherals, such as telephones, audio systems,

2. Office equipment, communications equipment, portable equipment, scanners, and digital cameras.

M30245 PDF Datasheet