HER202 Datasheet – 100V, 2A, Diode, Recovery Rectifier ( PDF )

Part Number: HER202, HER201 Thru HER208

Function: 100V, 2A, Diode, Rectifier

Package: DO-15, DO-204AC Type

Manufacturer: DC COMPONENTS

Image and Pinouts:

HER202 datasheet



This is 2A, 100V, Rectifier.


1. Low power loss, high efficiency

2. Low leakage

3. Low forward voltagedrop

4. High current capability

5. High speed switching

6. High surge capability

7. High reliability

8. Molding compound, UL flammability classification rating 94V-0

Mechanical Data :

1. Case: Molded plastic
2. Epoxy: UL 94V-0 rate flame retardant
3. Lead: MIL-STD-202E, Method 208 guaranteed
4. Polarity: Color band denotes cathode end
5. Mounting position: Any
6. Weight: 0.4 gram

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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HER202 Datasheet PDF Download

HER202 pdf