HLMP-2800 Datasheet PDF – LED Light Bar Green, 8-DIP

Part Number: HLMP-2800

Function: LED Light Bar / Light bars are rectangular light sources

Manufacturer: Avago Technologies

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HLMP-2800 datasheet



The HLCP-X100 and HLMP-2XXX, HLMP-2800 series light bars are rectangular light sources designed for a variety of applications where a large bright source of light is required. These light bars are configured in single in-line and dual-in-line packages that contain either single or segmented light emitting areas. The Al GaAs Red HLCP-X100 series LEDs use double hetero junction AlGaAs on a GaAs substrate.

The HER HLMP-2300/2600 and Yellow HLMP-2400/2700 series LEDs have their p-n junctions diffused into a GaAsP epitaxial layer on a GaP substrate. The Green HLMP-2500/2800 series LEDs use a liquid phase GaP epitaxial layer on a GaP substrate. The bicolor HLMP-2900 series use a combination of HER/Yellow or HER/Green LEDs.


• Large bright, uniform light emitting areas
• Choice of colors
• Categorized for light output
• Yellow and Green categorized for dominant wavelength
• Excellent ON-OFF contrast
• X-Y stackable
• Flush mountable



1. Business machine message annunciators

2. Telecommunications indicators

3. Front panel process status indicators

4. PC board identifiers

HLMP-2800 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: HLCP-2300, HLCP-2400, HLCP-2500, HLCP-2600, HLCP-2700

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