HMD1M32M2GL Datasheet PDF – 1M x 32 bits Dynamic RAM Module

Part Number: HMD1M32M2GL

Function: 4Mbyte(1Mx32) Dynamic RAM, 1K Refresh, 72 Pin SIMM, 5V

Package: 72 Pin Single-in-line Module type

Manufacturer: Hanbit ( )

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HMD1M32M2GL datasheet



The HMD1M32M2GL is an 1M x 32 bits Dynamic RAM MODULE which is assembled 2 pieces of 1M x 16bit DRAMs in 42 pin SOJ package on single sides the printed circuit board with decoupling capacitors. The HMD1M32M2GL is optimized for application to the systems, which are required high density and large capacity such as main memory of the computers and an image memory systems, and to the others, which are, requested compact size.


1. Fast Page Mode Capability
2. Single +5V± 0.5V power supply
3. All inputs and outputs TTL Compatible
4. 1,024 Refresh Cycles/16ms
5. Low Power

Other data sheets are available within the file: HMD1M32M2, HMD1M32M2G-5, HMD1M32M2G-6

HMD1M32M2GL Datasheet PDF Download

HMD1M32M2GL pdf