HRM2511E Datasheet – Health Sensor, Easy Pulse Sensor

Part Number: HRM2511E

Function: Easy Pulse sensor

Manufacturer: Graylogix, Unspecified

Image and Pinouts:
HRM2511E datasheet


The HRM-2511E sensor is manufactured by Kyoto Electronic Co., China, and operates in transmission mode. The sensor body is built with flexible Silicone rubber material that helps to keep the sensor tightly hold to the finger. Inside the sensor case, an IR LED and a photodetector are placed on two opposite sides and are facing each other. When a fingertip is plugged into the sensor, it is illuminated by the IR light coming from the LED.

The photodetector diode receives the transmitted light through the tissue on other side. More or less light is transmitted depending on the tissue blood volume. Consequently, the transmitted light intensity varies with the pulsing of the blood with heart beat. A plot for this variation against time is referred to be a photoplethysmographic or PPG signal.


1. Stable PPG signal output (Generate Phot plethysmography PPG with Arduino)

2. MCP6004 Op amp based instrumentation with rail-to-rail output capability for maximum output signal swing

3. Separate analog & digital outputs

4. Potentiometer gain control for the analog output

5. Pulse width control for the digital output

Application Circuits :


Reference Site:

1.  Easy Pulse Sensor (Version 1.1) Overview (Part 2) | Embedded Lab (

Other data sheets are available within the file: HRM2511

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