HST-0041SAR PDF Datasheet – 10/100 Base-TX Transformer

This post explains for the Transformer.

The Part Number is HST-0041SAR.

The function of this semiconductor is 10/100 Base-TX Transformer.

Manufacturer: Group-Tek ( http://www.group-tek.com/ )

Product images :

HST-0041SAR datasheet pdf


This is 10/100 Base-TX Transformer.


1. Designed to meet IEEE 802.3 requirements.

2. Non-PoE Product.

3. Primary(PIN1-3,PIN6-8) inductance(Lp)350uH min,@ 100KHz,0.1Vrms,8mA.

4. LL (PIN1-3 ShortPIN16+14):0.35uH Max @100KHz, 0.1V

5. Cww(PIN1,3 With PIN16,14;PIN6,8 with PIN11,9):30pF Max@100KHz, 0.1V

6. Primary(PIN1-3,PIN6-8) DCR:0.9ΩMax;Secondary(PIN16-14,PIN11-9) DCR:1.2ΩMax.

7. Storeage temperature -25℃ to +125℃.

8. RoHS compliance […]


HST-0041SAR PDF Datasheet

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