HT3582DA PDF Datasheet – Universal Charger Control Chip

Part Number: HT3582DA

Function: Universal Charger Control Chip

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Hotchip


HT3582DA datasheet pdf


No. Name Description

1 BTN Battery Negative

2 L3 Pilot Lamp L3 Pin

3 L2 Pilot Lamp L2 Pin

4 L1 Pilot Lamp L1 Pin

5 SW Function Selection (pick VDD for 3 Lights and 2 Lamp mode, then GND for the colorful mode)

6 GND Negative Power Supply (ground)

7 BTP Battery Cathode

8 VDD The Positive Power Supply



HT3582DA is an internal reference voltage control chip universal charger, with automatic recognition of the battery polarity, short circuit protection, over-temperature Protection.

A “charger control chip” typically refers to a specialized integrated circuit (IC) or microcontroller designed to control the charging process of batteries or electronic devices. These chips are commonly used in various electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, electric vehicles, and portable chargers, to manage the charging of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries


• Internal reference source, the regulator output load, no load voltage adjustment peripheral components

• Normal mode supports three lights and two lamp mode, colorful lights mode

• Maximum charge current: 300mA

• Support for 0V Rechargeable battery (positive battery connection)

• The battery is fully switched to constant voltage charging mode, the battery can be charged more full

• Automatic identification battery polarity

• Short circuit protection

• Over temperature protection

• Highly integrated, low parts

HT3582DA circuit

HT3582DA PDF Datasheet

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