HT3582DA PDF Datasheet – Universal Charger Control Chip

Part Number: HT3582DA

Function: Universal Charger Control Chip

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Hotchip


HT3582DA datasheet pdf


No. Name Description
1 BTN Battery Negative
2 L3 Pilot Lamp L3 Pin
3 L2 Pilot Lamp L2 Pin
4 L1 Pilot Lamp L1 Pin
5 SW Function Selection (pick VDD for 3 Lights and 2 Lamp mode, then GND for the colorful mode)
6 GND Negative Power Supply (ground)
7 BTP Battery Cathode
8 VDD The Positive Power Supply


HT3582DA is an internal reference voltage control chip universal charger, with automatic recognition of the battery polarity, short circuit protection, over-temperature Protection.


• Internal reference source, the regulator output load, no load voltage adjustment peripheral components

• Normal mode supports three lights and two lamp mode, colorful lights mode

• Maximum charge current: 300mA

• Support for 0V Rechargeable battery (positive battery connection)

• The battery is fully switched to constant voltage charging mode, the battery can be charged more full

• Automatic identification battery polarity

• Short circuit protection

• Over temperature protection

• Highly integrated, low parts […]

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HT3582DA Datasheet