HT4906 Datasheet PDF – Mobile Power Management IC

Part Number: HT4906

Function: Mobile Power Management Solution

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Hotchip


HT4906 datasheet


The HT4906 is an integrated charge management module, power detection and LED indicator module, and a boost discharge management module that completely replaces the current charge management IC + MCU + boost IC solution on the market.


1. Built-in power detection, 4 light indication mode, marquee indicator display mode when charging

2. When discharging, the battery indicator always shows the current lithium battery level, the battery indicator is decremented in one direction until the shutdown is off.

3. Linear charging mode, built-in MOSFET, can be extended by triode charging. Supports charging of 0V battery, turbulent / constant current / constant voltage three-stage charging.

4. Built-in charging current with over temperature compensation


HT4906 pinout


1. Mobile power
2. IPAD, MID backup power supply
3. MP3, MP4, mobile phone and other digital products backup power supply


Other data sheets are available within the file: T4906

HT4906 Datasheet PDF


HT4906 pdf

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