HX1838 PDF – Infrared IR Receiver ( Control Sensor )

Part Number: HX1838

Function: Infrared IR Receiver Remote, Control Sensor

Package: PCB Mounting

Manufacturer: NEC


HX1838 pdf receiver datasheet


The IR receiver can receive signals from an infrared (IR) remote controller. The HX1838 infrared integrated receiver has the right The advantages of infrared remote control command for stable reception and conversion, and the fly in the ointment is that the receiver has a large external shape. In terms of operating parameters, this infrared remote control transceiver module can exhibit performance up to 0.1s receiving conversion time.


1. Product Name : Infrared IR Receiver

2. Working Voltage : 2.7-5.5V

3. Power Dissipation : 35mW

4. Reception Distance : Min:10m;Pins : 3

5. Pin Size : 21 x 2mm / 0.83″ x 0.08″(L*Pitch)

6. Body Dimension : 7 x 6 x 5mm / 0.28″ x 0.24″ x 0.2″(L*W*T)

7. Total Length : 30mm / 1.2″

8.  Material : Plastic, Electric Components;Color : Black, Silver Tone

HX1838 datasheet

An Infrared (IR) receiver is an electronic component or sensor that is used to receive and decode infrared signals from remote controls, IR transmitters, or other IR-emitting devices. These receivers are commonly found in a wide range of consumer electronics, such as televisions, DVD players, air conditioners, and more, where remote control is used for user interaction.

HX1838 PDF Datasheet

HX1838 pdf