ICL8052A Datasheet PDF – 14Bit, Analog to Digital Converter

Part Number: ICL8052A

Function: 14-Bit Microprocessor-Compatible, 2-Chip, A/D Converter

Package: DIP 14 Pin

Manufacturer: Intersil


ICL8052A datasheet


The ICL8052A or ICL8068A/lCL71C03 chip pairs with their multiplexed BCD output and digit drivers are ideally suited for the visual display DVM/DPM market. The chip pair also offers optional input buffer gain for high sensitivity applications, a built-in clock oscillator, and output signals for providing an external Auto-Zero capability in preconditioning circuitry, synchronizing external multiplexers, etc.

Block Diagram



1. 14-Bit Binary Three-State Latched Outputs Plus Polarity and Overrange
2. Ideally Suited for Interface to UARTs and Microprocessors
3. Conversion on Demand or Continuously
4. Guaranteed Zero Reading for 0V Input
5. True Polarity at Zero Count for Precise Null Detection
6. Single Reference Voltage for True Ratiometric Operation
7. Onboard Clock and Reference
8. Auto-Zero, Auto-Polarity

Other data sheets are available within the file: ICL71C03, ICL8068A, ICL8068ACDD, lCL71C03ACPl

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ICL8052A pdf