IDT7201LA65DB Datasheet PDF – CMOS Asynchronous FIFO

Part Number: IDT7201LA65DB

Function: CMOS Asynchronous FIFO, 256 x 9, 512 x 9, 1K x 9

Package: 28 Pin, PLCC 32 Type

Manufacturer: Integrated Device Technology


IDT7201LA65DB datasheet



The IDT7200 / IDT7201 / IDT7202 / IDT7201LA65DB are dual-port memories that load and empty data on a first-in/first-out basis. The devices use Full and Empty flags to prevent data overflow and underflow and expansion logic to allow for unlimited expansion capability in both word size and depth.

These FIFOs are fabricated using high-speed CMOS technology. They are designed for those applications requiring asynchronous and simultaneous read/writes in multiprocessing and rate buffer applications. Military grade product is manufactured in compliance with MIL-STD-883, Class B.


• Ultra high speed—12ns access time

• Asynchronous and simultaneous read and write

• Fully expandable by both word depth and/or bit width

• 720x family is pin and functionally compatible from 256 x 9 to 64k x 9

• Status Flags: Empty, Half-Full, Full

• Auto-retransmit capability

• High-performance CEMOS™ technology

• Military product compliant to MIL-STD-883,

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