IMX017CQE PDF Datasheet – High-Resolution CMOS Sensor

Part Number: IMX017CQE

Function: High-Speed, High-Resolution CMOS Sensor

Pixels : 6.4 M (2921H × 2184V)

Manufacturer: Sony


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IMX017CQE pdf datasheet


IMX017CQE is High-Speed High-Resolution CMOS Sensor.

This sensor can also capture 6.4M-pixel high-resolution still images during moving images capture without interrupting the moving images capture. This allows it to implement seamless imaging in which the user has no need to be aware of the boundary between still and moving imaging.

It furthermore supports 300 frame/s ultrahigh-speed imaging, making it possible for consumer cameras to capture moving images without missing any of the decisive moments that were previously impossible to capture.

IMX017CQE sensor sony


1. Diagonal 9.10 mm (Type 1/1.8) 6.4M effective pixels (2921H × 2184V)

2. Pixel size: 2.5 µm unit pixel

3. 12-bit column A/D converter read-out

4. Supports 60 frame/s transfer video capture and provides seamless transition between still and moving modes.

5. High-speed output interface: 12-bit parallel LVDS with 432 MHz highspeed data rate

Column A/D Converter Readout

The IMX017CQE integrates a separate A/D converter for each column, and performs A/D conversions in a column-parallel manner. This makes it possible to read out 6.4M pixels at the high speed of 60
frame/s. (See figure 1.)

The column-parallel A/D conversion method allows a much longer time to be spent on each conversion compared to the earlier pixel-at-a-time conversion, and thus is a structure that is effective at reducing random noise in the system.

IMX017CQE PDF Datasheet