IR1167BSPBF Datasheet PDF – Smart Secondary Side Driver

Part Number: IR1167BSPBF

Function: Smart Secondary Side Driver IC

Package: SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: International Rectifier

Image and Pinouts:

IR1167BSPBF datasheet



The IR1167S is a smart secondary side driver IC designed to drive N-Channel power MOSFETs used as synchronous rectifiers in isolated Flyback converters.

The IC can control one or more paralleled N-MOSFETs to emulate the behavior of Schottky diode rectifiers. The drain to source voltage is sensed differentially to determine the polarity of the current and turn the power switch on and off in proximity of the zero current transition.


1. Secondary side high speed SR controller

2. DCM, CrCM and CCM flyback topologies

3. 200 V proprietary IC technology

4. Max 500 KHz switching frequency

5. Anti-bounce logic and UVLO protection

6. 7 A peak turn off drive current

7. Micropower start-up & ultra low quiescent current

8. 10.7 / 14.5 V gate drive clamp

9. 50ns turn-off propagation delay

10. Vcc range from 11.3 V to 20 V

11. Direct sensing of MOSFET drain voltage

12. Minimal component count

13. Simple design

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IR1167BSPBF pdf