IR2153 Datasheet – 600V, Half-Bridge Gate Driver – IR

This is one of the gate driver types.

Part Number: IR2153, IR2153S


Package: DIP 8, SO-8 Type

Manufacturer: International Rectifier, Infineon

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The IR2153 is a high voltage, high speed, self-oscillating power MOSFET and IGBT driver with both high and low side referenced output channels. Proprietary HVIC and latch immune CMOS technologies enable ruggedized monolithic construction. The front end features a programmable oscillator which is similar to the 555 timer. The output drivers feature a high pulse current buffer stage and an internal deadtime designed for minimum driver cross-conduction. Propagation delays for the two channels are matched to simplify use in 50% duty cycle applications. The floating channel can be used to drive an N-channel power MOSFET or IGBT in the high side configuration that operates off a high voltage rail up to 600 volts.

A half-bridge gate driver is a device used to control the switching of power MOSFETs or IGBTs in a half-bridge topology. A half-bridge topology is a common configuration used in power electronics, such as in DC-DC converters and motor control applications.

In a half-bridge topology, two power devices (MOSFETs or IGBTs) are connected in series across a DC bus, with their junction connected to the load. One device is connected to the high side of the DC bus and the other to the low side. By controlling the gate voltage of each device, the half-bridge can switch the polarity of the voltage across the load.

IR2153 Pinout




1. Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation
(1) Fully operational to +600V
(2) Tolerant to negative transient voltage dV/dt immune

2. Undervoltage lockout

3. Programmable oscillator frequency

4. Lower power level-shifting circuit

5. Constant LO, HO pulse widths at startup

6. Lower di/dt gate driver for better noise immunity


IR2153 Datasheet PDF



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