BC337 Datasheet PDF – 45V, 500 mA, NPN Transistor – NXP

The BC337 is Silicon NPN Transistor.

Part Number: BC337, Marking : C337

Function: 45 V, 500 mA NPN Transistor

Package: SOT54 ( TO92) Type

Manufacturer: Philips, NXP Semiconductors.

BC337 Pinout

The BC337 has three terminals: the emitter, base, and collector. The emitter is connected to the negative supply voltage, the collector is connected to the load, and the base is the input that controls the flow of current between the emitter and collector.

What is BC337?

A BC337 transistor is a three-terminal current control device used for general purposes.
It has a low noise figure, high gain, and high current rating, making it suitable for use in audio amplifiers, low power switching circuits, and general-purpose applications.

It has a maximum voltage rating of 45V and a maximum current rating of 500mA, making it suitable for low power switching and general-purpose applications.

To safely run this transistor in your circuit for the long term, do not operate it directly in circuits that use more than 45V. Also, use a suitable resistor base resistor to limit its base current to the required level.

The BC337 is a versatile NPN transistor with a low voltage rating and moderate current rating, making it suitable for a wide range of low power applications.

It is important to note that the BC337 has a relatively low current rating compared to other transistors, so it is important to ensure that it is used within its rated specifications to avoid damage or failure. Additionally, proper handling and storage are important to prevent damage or degradation. ( PNP complement : BC327 )


1. Collector-emitter voltage : Vceo = 45 V
2. Collector current (DC) : Ic = 500 mA
3. Peak collector current : 1A
4. High current
5. Low voltage

Ordering and Marking Codes:

BC337 Datasheet


1. General-purpose switching

2. Amplifying low gain signals to high gain

3. Audio frequency driver stages

4. Low power audio amplifiers

5. Output stage amplifier

6. General-purpose switching and amplification

BC337 Datasheet PDF

BC337 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: BC33716, BC33725, BC33740, BC817

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