IRGP30B120KD Datasheet – 1200V, 60A, IGBT, TO-247AD ( PDF )

Part Number: IRGP30B120KD

Function: 1200V, 60A, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

Package: TO-247AD Type

Manufacturer: International Rectifier

Image and Pinouts:

IRGP30B120KD datasheet



This is 1200V, IGBT.


1. Low Vce(on) Non Punch Through(NPT) Technology

2. 10 us Short Circuit Capability

3. Square RBSOA

4. Ultrasoft Diode Recovery Characteristics


1. Benchmark Efficiency for Motor Control Applications

2. Rugged Transient Performance

3. Low EMI

4. Significantly Less Snubber Required

5. Excellent Current Sharing in Parallel Operation

6. Longer leads for Easier Mounting

Other data sheets are available within the file:

IRGP30B120, IRGP30B120KD-EP, RGP30B120KD-E


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IRGP30B120KD pdf