JT3028 Datasheet – PWM Switching Power Supply Controller

Part Number: JT3028, JT3028ON

Manufacturer: JINTEK

Package: SOP 8Pin, DIP 8 Pin

Function: High Performance Current Mode PWM Switching Power Supply Controller


JT3028 image


JT3028ON is a highly integrated, high-performance the current-mode PWM controller chip. For electric
Source adapter and other small power switching power supply equipment.
In order to reduce standby power consumption, meet higher green Environmental standards, the chip provides a pulse mode (Burst Mode) function. That in light load or no load conditions Next, JT3028ON chip can reduce the linear opening Switching frequency, thus reducing loss of the switch, to obtain lower Standby power consumption, improve the conversion efficiency of the power system. By optimizing the design, JT3028ON with very low Starting current and operating current, not only conducive to start Circuit design, and start-up circuit can be used in a large resistance Value startup resistor to reduce standby power consumption, increase transfer Conversion efficiency.

JT3028  Datasheet

JT3028 Datasheet pinout