JUC-31F Datasheet – Temperature Switch Relay ( PDF )

Part Number: JUC-31F


Ultra-Small Temperature Relay ( PCB Thermostats )

JUC-31F temperature relay


The JUC-31 series is a miniature bimetallic snap acting thermostat which provides accurate and reliable sensing and switching in a single device. Primarily developed for thermal management applications on power supplies, the Series JUC-31 is also ideally suited for use on crowded P.C. boards. Advanced spring structure design, high sensitivity kick bimetal forming process.

Scope :

electrical equipment, electronic products, household appliances and circuit boards for temperature control and thermal overload protection.

JUC-31F datasheet


1. contact form: normally closed or normally open (D or H)
2. rated load : 220VAC 2A
3. insulation resistance : ≥100MΩ
4. the contact resistance : ≤100mΩ
5. the dielectric strength : 1500VAC
6. Weight : 2g


JUC-31F Datasheet


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