K2667 Datasheet PDF – 900V, 3A, N-Channel MOSFET

Part Number: K2667

Function: HVX-2 Series Power MOSFET / 900V 3A

Package: MTO-3P Type

Manufacturer: Shindengen

Image and Pinouts:

K2667 datasheet


This is 900V, 3A, N-Channel Enhancement type Power MOSFET.


1. Input capacitance (Ciss) is small. Especially, input capacitance at 0 biass is small.
2. The static Rds(on) is small
3. The switching time is fast.
4. Avalanche resistance guaranteed.


1. Switching power supply of AC 240V input
2. High voltage power supply
3. Inverter

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Drain-Source Voltage : VDSS = 900 V
2. Gate-Source Voltage : VGSS = ± 30 V
3. Continuous Drain Current(DC): Id = 3 A
4. Total Power Dissipation : pt = 65 W



Other data sheets are available within the file: 2SK2667, F3W90HVX2

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K2667 pdf