K5L5563CAA-D770 Datasheet – 256Mbit NOR Flash Memory

Part Number: K5L5563CAA-D770, K5L5563CAA

Function: Memory 256M ( 16M x 16) MCP

Package:  84 BGA Type ( 8mmx 11.6mmx 1.0mm )

Manufacturer: Samsung

Image :

K5L5563CAA-D770 datasheet


The K5L5563CAA-D770 is a Multi Chip Package Memory which combines 256Mbit NOR Flash Memory and 64Mbit page UtRAM. The 256Mb NOR Flash featuring single 3.0V power supply, is an 256Mbit NOR-type Flash Memory organized as 16Mx16. The memory architecture of the device is designed to divide its memory arrays into 134 blocks with independent hardware protection.

190BA1 + H05OT-2028C V1.63p H05OT-2028B ok.

K5L5563CAA-D770 pinout memory


1. NOR Flash

(1) Single Voltage, 2.7V to 3.1V for Read and Wirte operations
(2) Organization : 16M x 16bit ( Word mode Only )
(3) Fast Read Access Time : 70ns

2. UtRAM

(1) Process technology : CMOS
(2) Organization : 4M x 16bit
(3) Power supply voltage : 2.7V ~ 3.1 V
(4) 4-Page Read
(5) Three state outputs

Block Diagram

K5L5563CAA Block Diagram

Reference PDF : https://www.elhof.de/Files/Devicelisten/Minato/DL_M1950.pdf

K5L5563CAA-D770 Datasheet PDF

K5L5563CAA-D770 pdf

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