25L5121E PDF – 512K-BIT CMOS Serial Flash Memory

CMOS serial flash memory devices are commonly found in a variety of applications, including consumer electronics (such as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras), embedded systems, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and IoT devices. Their ease of integration, non-volatile nature, and flexible storage capacity make them a popular choice for storing critical system software and data.

Part Number: 25L5121E, MX25L5121E


– 8-pin SOP (150mil)
– 8-pin TSSOP (173mil) for MX25L5121E only

Manufacturer: MXIC


25L5121E pinout datasheet


CMOS serial flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory that uses complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology and a serial interface for data communication. It is commonly used in electronic devices for storing firmware, software, configuration data, and other types of data that need to be retained even when power is removed.

The device feature a serial peripheral interface and software protocol allowing operation on a simple 3-wire bus. The three bus signals are a clock input (SCLK), a serial data input (SI), and a serial data output (SO). Serial access to the device is enabled by CS# input. The device provides sequential read operation on whole chip. After program/erase command is issued, auto program/ erase algorithms which program/ erase and verify the specified page or sector locations will be executed. Program command is executed on page (32 bytes) basis, and erase command is executes on sector, or block, or whole chip.

To provide user with ease of interface, a status register is included to indicate the status of the chip. The status read command can be issued to detect completion status of a program or erase operation via WIP bit. When the device is not in operation and CS# is high, it is put in Standby Mode and draws less than 30uA (typical:20uA) DC current. The device utilizes Macronix proprietary memory cell, which reliably stores memory contents even after typical 100,000 program and erase cycles. […]


25L5121E pdf

25L5121E PDF Datasheet


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