KAIM0680 Datasheet PDF – 800V, 6A, Power Switch SPS

Part Number: KAIM0680

Function: 6A, 800V, 100W, Power Switch SPS ( Samsung Power Switch )

Package: TO-3P Type

Manufacturer: Samsung

Image and Pinouts:

KAIM0680 datasheet



The KAIM0680 is integrated PWM IC and MOSFET with current sensing function.

To further simplify the design of the offline switching power supply (SMPS) to make it smaller and lighter, Samsung has introduced a new device called SPS. The so-called SPS, the abbreviation of Samsung Power Switch, can also be considered as the English abbreviation of Smart Power Switch. The SPS is equipped with a current-mode PWM control IC and a MOSFET with current sensing function (called Sense FET, abbreviated as SFET) in a two-in-one chip, as shown in Figure 1. To ensure its insulation properties, the chip and inner leads are not coated with epoxy but with BCB material.


Ordering Information



1. PC


3. Processor-based systems

4. Battery powered computer and controller

5. Intelligent instrument

6. Mobile system

Other data sheets are available within the file: KA2S0680, KA2S0880, KA2S1080, KAIH0380R, KAIL0380

KAIM0680 Datasheet PDF Download

KAIM0680 pdf

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