KB9012 Datasheet – Keyboard Controller – ENE ( PDF )

Part Number: KB9012

Function: Keyboard Controller

Package: 128-pin LQFP package

Manufacturer: ENE Technology

Image :

KB9012 datasheet Keyboard Controller


KB9012 is a programmable embedded controller chip commonly used in electronic devices such as laptops, motherboards, and other computer peripherals. The chip provides a range of functionalities related to keyboard control, input/output (I/O) operations, power management, and system monitoring

The ENE KB9012 is a customized IC based on KB9010 for specific application of minimizing power-consumption. Several pins are provided for external power-latch to save power-consumption. IO characteristic and cells are also improved. The ENE KB901x series is embedded controller (EC) with embedded-Flash for notebook platforms. In KB9012, the e-Flash is 128KB. The embedded controller contains industrial standard 8051 microprocessor and provides function of i8042 keyboard controller basically. KB9012 is embedded LPC interface used to communicate with Host. The embedded controller also features rich interfaces for general applications, such as PS/2 interface, Keyboard matrix encoder, PWM controller, A/D converter, D/A converter, Fan controller, SMBus controller, GPIO controller, PECI controller, one wire master, SPI controller, and extended interface (ENE Serial Bus) for more applications, like capacitive touch button application and GPIO extender.


KB9012 pinout


LPC Low Pin Count Interface

1. SIRQ supporting IRQ1, IRQ12, SCI or SMI# interrupt and one programmable IRQ provided.
2. I/O Address Decoding:
3. Legacy KBC I/O port 60h/64h
4. Programmable EC I/O port, 62h/66h(recommend)
5. I/O port 68h/6Ch (sideband)
6. 2 Programmable 4-byte Index-I/O ports to access internal EC registers.
7. Memory Decoding:
7. Firmware Hub decode
9. LPC memory decode
10. Compatible with LPC specification v1.1
11. Support LPC interface re-direction to IKB for debugging

Overall, the KB9012 chip plays a critical role in managing keyboard functions, system control, and I/O operations in electronic devices. Its features and programmability make it a versatile solution for controlling and monitoring various aspects of the device’s functionality, contributing to the overall user experience and system performance.

KB9012 Datasheet PDF


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