KDC-MP4033 Datasheet – CD Receiver ( Manual PDF )

Part Number: KDC-MP4033

Function: CD Receiver / Manual

Manufacturer: Kenwood, Mitsubishi Electric


KDC-MP4033 datasheet



This is CD Receiver.


1. Playable MP3, WMA

2. Playable media : CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW

AUDIO adjust mode :

• Press the [AUD] key and enter the audio adjustment mode.

• Press the remote control [∗] key and [AUD] key to go into the audio adjustment mode.

• Both AUDIO FUNCTION MODE and SETUP MODE adjustment items are included.

• By pressing [AUD] and [FM] keys, switch the item to be adjusted in the following order.

• Continuous forwarding by remote control is prohibited.

CD receiver test mode specification :

• Display mode default setting shall be P-TIME.

• Forced ejection is prohibited while reset-starting. Note that CD is not to be recognized by reset while it is inserted.

Other data sheets are available within the file: KDCMP4033, KDC-MP4033S, KDC-MP4533

KDC-MP4033 Datasheet PDF Download

KDC-MP4033 pdf

KDC-MP4033 Kenwood

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