KFC-A06-D-1 Datasheet PDF – Tack Switch – Yangkang

Part Number: KFC-A06-D-1

Function: Tack Switch

Manufacturer: Yangkang

Images :

KFC-A06-D-1 datasheet



1. Contact: Mechanical Contact
2. Rating: DC 12V 50mA
3. Travel: 0.25 0.1m/m
4. Operating Force: 160+30gf
5. Contact Resistance: 50m Max
6. Life: 100.000 Cycles Min

Other data sheets are available within the file: A06-A-10, A06-A-11, A06-A-12, A06-A-12.5, A06-A-13

KFC-A06-D-1 Datasheet PDF Download

KFC-A06-D-1 pdf

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