KIA1117API00 PDF – Adjustable Voltage Regulator

This post explains for the Voltage Regulator.

The Part Number is KIA1117API00.

The function of this semiconductor is Adjustable Voltage Regulator.

The package is TO-220IS Type

Manufacturer: KEC

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KIA1117API00 pinout datasheet


The KIA1117API00 is a Low Drop Voltage Regulator able to provide up to 1A of output current, available even in adjustable version (Vref=1.25V).

An adjustable voltage regulator is an electronic device that provides a stable and adjustable output voltage from a varying input voltage. It is commonly used in electronic circuits to ensure that sensitive components receive a constant and regulated voltage, regardless of fluctuations in the power supply.

The main function of an adjustable voltage regulator is to maintain a specific output voltage, even when the input voltage changes. It accomplishes this by employing a control circuit that monitors the output voltage and adjusts the internal circuitry to maintain the desired voltage level.


1. Low Dropout Voltage : 1.1V/Typ. (Iout=1.0A)
2. Very Low Quiescent Current : 2.5 /Typ.
3. Output Current up to 1A
4. Fixed Output Voltage of 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.85V, 3.3V, 5.0V
5. Adjustable Version Availability : Vref=1.25V
6. Internal Current and Thermal Limit
7. A Minimum of 10 for stability
8. Available in 2%(at 25 )
9. High Ripple Rejection : 80dB/Typ


KIA1117API00 pdf

KIA1117API00 Datasheet