KIA393F PDF Datasheet – Dual Comparator – KEC

Part Number: KIA393F

Function: Dual Comparator

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: KEC


KIA393F datasheet pinout



This is Dual Comparator.


· Be Possible to Operate at the Wide Range Single or Two Supply Voltage.
· Low Supply Current : ICC=0.8mA(Typ.).
· Low Input Offset Voltage : VIO =2mV(Typ.).
· Wide Common Mode Input Voltage : 0VDC to VCC-1.5V DC.
· Output is Compatible with TTL, DTL, MOS and C-MOS.
· Output is Open Collector and Wired-OR Possible.
· ESD Protection (JEDEC-JESD22).
– 2000V Human Body Model (A114, CLASS Ⅱ).
– 200V Machime Model (A115, CLASS B).

KIA393F Datasheet PDF

KIA393S pdf

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