KLMAG2WEPD-B031 – eMMC, NAND Flash Memory

Part Number: KLMAG2WEPD-B031

Function: 16GB, eMMC ( Managed NAND Flash Memory )

Package: 153FBGA Type ( 11.5mm x 13mm x 0.8mm )

Manufacturer: Samsung


KLMAG2WEPD-B031 pdf memory


KLMAG2WEPD-B031 is one of Samsung Electronics’ eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) products, mainly used in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and embedded systems. This product is designed to integrate NAND flash memory and a memory controller as built-in memory, allowing users to easily store and manage data.

e·MMC consists of NAND flash and a MMC controller. 3V supply voltage is required for the NAND area (VDDF or VCC) whereas 1.8V or 3V dual supply voltage (VDD or VCCQ) is supported for the MMC controller. SAMSUNG e•MMC supports 200MHz DDR – up to 400MBps with bus widths of 8 bit in order to improve sequential bandwidth, especially sequential read performance.


1. embedded MultiMediaCard Ver. 5.0 compatible.Detail description is referenced by JEDEC Standard

2. SAMSUNG e·MMC supports features of eMMC5.0 which are defined in JEDEC Standard

– Supported Features : Packed command, Cache, Discard, Sanitize, Power Off Notification, Data Tag, Partition types, Context ID, Real Time Clock, Dynamic Device Capacity, HS200

– Non-supported Features : Large Sector Size (4KB)

3. Additional features of eMMC5.0 : HS400 mode (200MHz DDR – up to 400Mbps), Field Firmware Update, Device Health Report, Sleep Notification, Secure Removal Type

4. Full backward compatibility with previous MultiMediaCard system specification (1bit data bus, multi-e·MMC systems)

5. Data bus width : 1bit (Default), 4bit and 8bit

6. MMC I/F Clock Frequency : 0 ~ 200MHz

7. MMC I/F Boot Frequency : 0 ~ 52MHz


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KLMAG2WEPD-B031 Datasheet