L5956 Datasheet PDF – Multifunction Voltage Regulator

Part Number: L5956

Function: Multifunction voltage regulator for car radio

Package: PowerSO20 (slug-up), Multiwatt15 (vertical) Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


L5956 datasheet



The L5956 contains a triple voltage regulator and a power switch. The IC includes a monitoring circuit for detection. The IC features a very low quiescent under standby.


1. Four outputs:
(1) 8.5 V @ 500 mA
(2) 5 V @ 300 mA permanent
(3) 5 V @ 800 mA
(4) 3.3 V @ 800 mA

2. 2 A high side driver
3. Reset function
4. Ignition comparator
5. Load dump protection
6. Thermal shutdown
7. Overcurrent limitation
8. All pins ESD protected

Other data sheets are available within the file: L5956PD, L5956PDTR

L5956 Datasheet PDF Download

L5956 pdf

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