LA76938Y PDF – Video and Sound Processor IC

Part Number: LA76938Y

Function: Video and Sound Processor IC

Package: DIP 64S Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo Electric

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This is single-chip video and sound processor IC. The LA76938Y series is a single-chip video and sound processor IC with a built-in microcontroller that supports all of the different worldwide broadcasting systems. The IC provides fully integrated solution to rationalize the design of color TV sets, increase productivity, and reduce total costs.

1. Video Processor ICs: Video processing ICs are responsible for tasks such as demodulating the incoming video signal, separating the color information, and generating the RGB (red, green, blue) signals required to display the image on the screen. Some popular video processor ICs used in color TVs include TDA series ICs from manufacturers like STMicroelectronics and various ICs from companies like Sony and Panasonic.

2. Sound Processor ICs: Sound processing ICs handle the audio signals in a color TV. They decode the audio signal, amplify it, and provide the necessary audio output to the TV’s speakers. Common ICs used for sound processing in TVs include those from manufacturers like NXP, ON Semiconductor, and Toshiba.

Functions :

• I2C bus control system with a built-in microcontroller

• VIF/SIF/Y/C/Deflection/CbCr IN

• Adjustment-free VIF/SIF

• 1X’tal multi-system that supports all broadcasting systems

• No VCO coil required

• Internal sound carrier BPF, 4-system sound carrier trap

• Digital AFT system

• Supports EW (LA76933J, LA76938Y)

• Supports SECAM (LA76936Y, LA76938Y) […]

LA76938Y datasheet

LA76938Y PDF Datasheet