LC7582E Datasheet PDF – LCD Driver, QFP 64 – Sanyo

Part Number: LC7582E

Function: General Purpose – LCD Driver

Package: QFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SANYO (Panasonic)

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LC7582E datasheet



The LC7582E is general-purpose LCD driver designed for use in electronic tuning frequency display or microcomputer-controlled system applications


1. 53 Segments(max.) output(Static display)

2. Drive system : 1/1duty(53 Segments), 1/2duty(104 Segments)

3. Data input : 3 serial input pins

4. 2Pins for 5-level AD converter

5. INH pin for blanking out display

Other data sheets are available within the file: LC7582, LC7582W

LC7582E Datasheet PDF Download

LC7582E pdf

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