LIS8516 Datasheet – Primary-Side Control LED Driver Switch

Part Number: LIS8516

Function : Two windings – primary-side control LED driver switch

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Lighting Integration System


LIS8516 Control LED Drive Switch


LIS8516 is a dedicated LED constant current drive control chip, through the use of proprietary primary side LED constant current control technology, making the system architecture has been the greatest degree of simplification. It not only eliminates the need for traditional secondary control optocoupler and 431 and other feedback devices, but also further eliminates the traditional primary side control architecture for the realization of the feedback of the auxiliary winding, the feedback resistor and the IC power supply rectifier diodes, etc. Passive components, the system cost is greatly reduced. As a result of high-voltage direct power supply, LIS8516 system’s output voltage range is greatly broadened, the same drive system can drive 16 to 24 series LED, convenient series of models applications. A typical application of such a chip is shown on the right. The LIS8516 also incorporates comprehensive protection features including cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection for input current, open-circuit protection for current sense pins, IC over-temperature protection, and open-circuit and short-circuit protection at the output.



LIS8516 datasheet pinout



1. Patented Sampling and Powering Technology to remove auxiliary windings
2. Novel digital current loop control technology
3. Integrated transformer inductance compensation
4. Integrated Leading-Edge Blanking (LEB)
5. Integrated frequency dithering
6. Ultra-low operating current (110uA)
7. Extensive output voltage range
8. Chip undervoltage and overvoltage protection
9. Cycle-by-cycle primary-side peak current protection


LIS8516 Datasheet


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