LLM2520 Datasheet – Wire Wound Chip Inductor ( PDF )

This post explains for the Chip Inductor.

The Part Number is LLM2520.

The function of this semiconductor is Wire Wound Chip Inductor.

Manufacturer: TOKO

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The LLM2520 is Wire Wound Chip Inductor.  (Previous name FSLM2520)


• Wire-wound miniature chip inductor most suitable for surface mount.

• It is recommended for wide general use for signal conditioning in a variety of electronic equipment.

• Low profile 1.7mm Max height. (1.6mm Typ.)

• Wide inductance range from 0.1 to 220µH.

• Superior solderability and high heat-resistance for reflow soldering.

• Excellent environmental and mechanical stability.

• RoHS compliant.




LLM2520 Datasheet

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