LM201AP Datasheet – Operational Amplifier ( PDF )

Part Number: LM201AP

Function: High-performance Operational Amplifier

Package: DIP 8 Pin , DIP 14 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


The LM101A, LM201AP, and LM301A are highperformance operational amplifiers featuring very low input bias current and input offset voltage and current to improve the accuracy of highimpedance circuits using these devices. The high common-mode input voltage range and the absence of latch-up make these amplifiers ideal for voltage-follower applications. The devices are protected to withstand short circuits at the output. The external compensation of these amplifiers allows the changing of the frequency response (when the closed-loop gain is greater then unity) for applications requiring wider bandwidth or higher slew rate.


LM201AP datasheet



• Low Input Currents

• Low Input Offset Parameters

• Frequency and Transient Response Characteristics Adjustable

• Short-Circuit Protection

• Offset-Voltage Null Capability

• No Latch-Up

• Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges

• Same Pin Assignments as uA709

• Offsets Specified Over Entire Common Mode and Supply Voltage Ranges

• Slew Rate of 10V/μs as a Summing Amplifier

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