LM20A21 Datasheet PDF – 20 Char x 2 Line, LCD Module

Part Number: LM20A21

Function: 20 Char x 2 Line Type LCD Module (FA/POS/Measuring instruments)

Outline dimensions : 115 (w) x 35 (h) x 11 max (d)  (mm)

Manufacturer: Sharp Electronics


LM20A21 datasheet


The LM20A21, dot-matrix LCD unit consists of a 5×7-dot 20-character 2-line dot-matrix LCD panel, LCD driver and controller LSI fabricated on a single PCB. Incorporating mask ROM-based character generator and display data RAM in the controller LSI, the unit can efficiently display the desired charaters under microprocessor control.


0. The LCD of the unit is STHC ( Super Twisted High Contrast ) gray type.

1. 20 characters x 2 lines

2. STN LCD (Reflective)

3. 5 x 7 dots with cursor

4. Suitable for telephone & facsimile etc.

5. The unit operates from a single 5V power supply.


Other data sheets are available within the file: 20A21

LM20A21 Datasheet PDF Download

LM20A21 pdf

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