LM358 Pinout – Operational Amplifier – ON Semi

Part Number: LM358, LM358NG

Function: Single Supply Dual Operational Amplifier

Package: PDIP, SOIC, Micro 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


This is Single Supply Dual Operational Amplifier. The LM358 is designed to operate from a single power supply and has a wide range of input and output voltage levels. It has a high gain bandwidth product and a low input bias current, making it suitable for use in applications where a wide range of signal levels are expected.

LM358 amplifiers have several distinct advantages over standard operational amplifier types in single supply applications. They can operate at supply voltages as low as 3.0 V or as high as 32 V, with quiescent currents about one−fifth of those associated with the MC1741 (on a per amplifier basis).

LM358 Pinout

LM358 Pinout


1. Short Circuit Protected Outputs
2. True Differential Input Stage
3. Single Supply Operation: 3.0 V to 32 V
4. Low Input Bias Currents
5. Internally Compensated
6. Common Mode Range Extends to Negative Supply

LM358 vs LM741?

The LM741 has a higher gain bandwidth product and slew rate, but a narrower power supply voltage range and a higher input bias current compared to the LM358. The LM358, on the other hand, has a lower input bias current and a wider range of power supply voltage, but a lower gain bandwidth product and slew rate.

1. Input bias current:

The LM358 has a lower input bias current than the LM741.

2. Gain bandwidth product:

The LM741 has a higher gain bandwidth product than the LM358.

3. Slew rate:

The LM741 has a higher slew rate than the LM358.

4. Power supply voltage range:

The LM741 has a wider power supply voltage range than the LM358.

LM358 Datasheet

LM358 pdf



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